‘Movember’ signals new crop of mustaches

They might be celebrating Movember, an annual event that occurs each year in November.

Since 2004, men have grown mustaches in November to help bring awareness to important male health issues such as prostate cancer.

I love the message and the motivation behind this event. The mustaches are more than just a fashion statement; they are a collective way for men to bring attention to serious and life-threatening conditions in a way that speaks to other men — with humor, levity, and even a bit of competition (each year, men compete to see who can grow the most luxurious ’stache).

Movember also is very important because the truth is that most men are unaware of the risks of prostate cancer.

A recent study conducted by Wakefield Research on behalf of Janssen Biotech Inc shows it helped to illuminate the extent of this misinformation. Consider the following:

Read more here: http://www.suntimes.com/lifestyles/berman/16411897-452/movember-signals-new-crop-of-mustaches.html


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