The day MovemberPI visited the US embassy

Last Monday 19th November 2012, thanks to my friend Nini, MovemberPI was granted permission to visit the US Embassy to have a chat with Amb. Harry Thomas about MovemberPI and of cancer awareness in the Philippines.

L-R: Jon, Ledh, Amb. Harry and me

I was accompanied by my mo-bro Jon and my mo-babe Ledh. After passing the Embassy’s stringent security procedures, we were granted entry into the compound and headed towards the reception area. As expected we had to surrender our cell phones but not our will to make it to the Ambassador’s office – hurrah! Good thing we had a digital camera on hand – phew!!  We were then escorted to The Amb. Harry Thomas’s office . Obviously we were all excited not only to meet him, but to grace the office where so many VIPs have visited before us and finally it was our turn. Woohoo!

Looking dashing in his red and white spotted bow tie, sharp suit and sporting a mustache, he greeted us with a smile and a firm hand shake and led us through his office towards the veranda, overlooking Manila Bay and Corregidor in the distance. We had a great conversation, shared a few personal stories and experiences. He shared how prostate cancer has affected him and his family and how much he, personally, supports our cause.

Holding our poster for the Lighthouse event on the 27th in Subic Bay

It was a great boost for us and MovemberPI to meet him and he was gracious and kind enough to pose with us and promote our upcoming event at the Lighthouse Marina Resort in Subic Bay on the 27th of November.

You can check the Ambassador’s stache on the Mo Bro 2012 page.

It’s good to have more people on board and raise mo awareness for prostate cancer in The Philippines.


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