The Burden of the Silent Killer on Filipino Families

Prostate cancer kills one man every nineteen minutes worldwide usually but shows no early warning signs – until it’s too late. It is not only the men who are affected by this disease, but their wives and loved ones who have to go through the ordeal with them.

“People always think prostate cancer is something only men should be concerned about. Nothing is further from the truth because when a man suffers or loses his life because of prostate cancer, it is life-changing not just for him but for the wife and family he leaves behind,” said Mrs. Sonia Roco, wife to the late senator Raul Roco who succumbed to prostate cancer in 2005.

Mrs. Roco is just one of the many people in the country who has seen a loved one succumb to the disease. Through the years, there has been increasing incidence of prostate cancer in the Philippines.

“Our role as wives, as children, as people who care about the men in our lives, becomes crucial. By encouraging them to take action and be more proactive about their prostate health, we stand a better chance of keeping cancer out of our lives.” said Roco. “I’m glad to see this breakthrough in medical science offer hope to Filipinos that prostate cancer need not touch their lives. For the countless men at risk, for their wives, children, and grandchildren who need them, I believe this is something worth aiming for.”

Bringing Hope of Better Health to More Filipino Men

“GSK is commited to helping more Filipinos fight prostate cancer before it even starts,” said Roberto Taboada, GSK President and Managing Director. “We have made this medicine more affordable so that more Filipinos can improve their chances of protecting themselves against this deadly cancer.” GSK reduced the price of dutasteride by 46% in March 2010 under its ValueHealth program.

With this breakthrough, Filipino men – and their families – can now turn to a new weapon to reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

For more information about Prostate Cancer and risk reduction, please consult your doctor.


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